First Annual Garry Awards!

It’s time to vote for the largest nomination list possible for all the bests and favorites of the year! Nomination categories and more information being added shortly! Over the year
a large quantity of various addons, scripts, gamemodes, sweps and much much more are released on a daily to weekly basis. Which are the best of them all!? It’s time to find out! All nominations will be chosen and submitted by the community.

Rules for submitting nominations!

(This is a place holder until more media/information is added)

The what? Who sanctioned this, and what other then some text are you giving away?


Bests and favorites?
Do you mean addons? Models? Players? Maps? Servers? Contraptions?

Terrible idea, Gmod has been out for a while and we’ve never needed anything as pointless as thiss.



completely dumb, but i would say…[dramatic pause]… iosekki

About as useful as Gmod achievements.


woo 2000th post

Stop being rude about it. It’s a nice thing to have, And it may even make people want to code something good if it is good enough and enough people actually vote. If your just going to leave idiotic comments like “Whats the point”, And “This is dumb” Stop posting here and let the people who actually want this post here, And gorillaz good job like the picture. And guys as for the categories i can already tell you there will be: Community, Gamemode, Models, Maps, Addons, SWEPs/Weapon, Vehicals, and so on and so on. Now please stop being rude and post positive comments or do not post at all

There’s already about 50 nominations… It gives people the chance to have the “Best” in a certain category and shows peoples hard work to actually be awarded. Almost like the grammys.


The chance for thousands of options within Garry’s Mod to pick the top 10 in each category and give massive credits to the people who created them? Who has the best community of all time? No need to give people away stuff when credits and honor is a lot.

^I thought that was what the “Popular” section of was for.

You realize doing one of these for the “Best community” will give a biased result right? The biggest community has the best chance to win as they have the appropriate number of members to raid the score higher.

I nominate myself.

Yes the biggest community probably will win that part, But it depends as some people belong to multiple communities, Pulsar Effect, Sass, and nox will be in the top most likely

If they have more members then they are obviously going to receive the most votes. You don’t get a large community unless the servers are worth downloading.

Thats alot of name drops for a 2 post

Or the ones with the most people on the forums and the biggest “VOTE 4 US” banners/incentives.

I nominate Bobos Gaming Community, Seriously I run the server not the community.

700th :toot:

I nominate Facepunch for community.
Instant win.