First attempt at posing

there ism ore then the last one so enjoy

That’s not posing, it’s just photoshopping pics you found on google. Yes, I know what I am talking about, because I’ve seen those pics before.

pictures from google…

Link to the google pictures please?

need more chesty ???

Haha what the hell

it was for my film

All of those are not posed. Not even NPC’s.

Can I ask, why did you call this thread “first attempt at posing” ? :rolleye:
You didn’t pose this, and they arent even posed…

I think the Gman is. Because you can’t Face Pose npc’s. I know he didn’t pose him though, cause of that google picture.

Hey smart boy

Took me like 3 mins in the model viewer.

Needs more move to creationism corner

Epic Fail.


please what?

Nice job cutting them out and putting them together… But you raped the picture quality of them while doing it.

put it on the goal

Fail. You didnt even pose these.

Google Images for the… Loss.



I don’t think this poor man should be yelled at a lot (maybe he doesnt even know what posing is?)
If he does, its NEVER a smart idea to google pictures and claim them to be a pose NEVER
Still, do you know what posing is Witchita?