First attempt to make a cave

This is my first attempt to make a cave.
Please tell me what you think!

Something is wrong with the color i think, the pictures looks kind of green.
They look perfect when i open them in Paint. :S

Definitely not a bad first attempt at a cave, much better than my first! Keep it up.


Also get some blend textures to make the seams seamless.

That’s a good attempt for a cave. I like it.

That’s very good! Nice work!

Ok I will try that, thank you!

Thank you!

And Thank you! :]

I must say, it’s great start, I hope you keep improving.

It’s otherwise nice but it might be a bit too squareish.

I do like that cave, a good attempt, especially for a first attempt my friend. The connecting cave walls and ceiling are a bit square though, try subdividing them so they’re more continuous :smile:

Very good. Not ju8st for a start, I still can’t do caves properly.

It is, as people mentioned, very square :S


But hey, it’s hip 2 be square :smug:

Thank you :).
Could you explain how to use subdivide?
I guess it’s not just to select the walls and ceiling and press subdivide, because when I did it looked like headphones or something.

Or if there might be a tutorial on how to do it I would like that.

Don’t select the whole brush, only select the faces you need, like so: (Media tagged)[/media]

Then, click the displacement tab and make the selected sides displacements:

THEN you click subdivide:

Then you’ll get the results you want :smile:

A transition between grass and cave textures would really help. The lighting works well, however.

Oh my god subdivide is amazing.

Thank you! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

the edges of cave are a bit streched I would say. Otherwise good.

As stated before, very nice. Although I also think that the transfer from wall-to-ceiling/floor looks a little too… artificial. I dunno, looks off. I think you should make the walls slope inward at the seams just a little, round it off, like others said, less “squarish”.

Its great, but when you’re making large complicated landscapes its hard as fuck.