First Blood & Last Breath

Some shizzle I made to try out some first person posing.
First Blood

**Last Breath

Sir, you used NPC’s and we don’t take your kind to well here, so ya’ll best be posin’ correctly and not be 'usin ‘dem NPC’s ya’ll have to make around workin’ hard 'round here.

I was kinda trying to make it focus on the radgolls that I used. Plus I am god awful at making ragdolls hold guns right, any tut/tips on doing that?

Said the person from october 09… :colbert:

Yeah but I never used NPC’s in any of my screenshots. :geno:

the camera angles on both are really bad
and yeah, don’t use npcs for screenshots

1st screenshot is too bright, looks like when I stepped outside the eye-doctor after I got my pupils dilated.

I can’t tell what the fuck is going on.

i confused?