First Blood

thought i’d do something more dramatic than just a battle scene

base lighting[/t]

a rarity from me - BONUS, which is just a battle scene


To me his head looks a little bit off position wise but apart from that, excellent screenshot.

can you tell me why?

I think it’s not really the head is off position i think it may be more of the head seems more detailed than the body which gives an odd look

then that’s something i will have to fix on the texture side of things.

To me it seems that his head is little bit too far back and would be improved by bringing forward a tiny bit and moving to the right a little as well.

how exactly is it “a little bit too far back”? that’s very vague.

and this is not SFM. how am i supposed to magically move physical body parts around in GMod?

I don’t use SFM.
What i’d do is shrink the head and then use the same ragdoll, shrink every bodypart except the head and then pose that.

To hopefully say what i see, his chins in his neck.

which would really defeat the purpose of having the head permanently attached to a body in the first place, wouldn’t it?

his head is tilted slightly downwards, and we have to remember that these aren’t ordinary human proportions we’re dealing with, these guys’ necks are like tree trunks. here’s a side view of the model:

I think the thing that makes it look off personally is the

black outline around the lower part of his face makes it look pasted on because of the lighting behind his chin etc.

I noticed it, but I don’t think it’s that bad honestly, I actually like it.

The left side looks of the lower chin appears pasted in, compared to the right, there’s no shading on the bottom of that side of his chin which looks off, because there is shading under his left eyeyridge and nostril.

(left side of the pic, right side of his body)

Exactly what this guys said
Otherwise looks just amazing

Agreed, his head looks a bit too far back as well as too much to (our) right.

what sort of a feel-good lie is this supposed to be? “hey there’s this huge problem with the central element of this pic but it’s still amazing!” well how the hell is it amazing then? get fucking real and say things as they are, don’t lie to my damn face.

the main thing of the scene - the protagonist - is a complete failure, and that brings the whole thing tumbling down hard. the work is ruined, i’m not even being melodramatic. fuck this piece of shit.

the lighting on the head looks different than the other parts of the body

how the fuck can it look different when it all was done under the same lighting setup and there was very little post-editing in that regard? why the fuck can’t i do anything right? jesus fucking christ

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someone please close this fucking thread i don’t need to pollute the section any further

you are acting dramatic now, put a soft light near the left part of his neck/shoulder so it looks lighter and the issue is fixed

are you alright? i noticed you’re being a bit harsh these days