"First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire; 'cause mister, we deal in lead!"

Finally got some time to pose something in GMod.

The original idea was to have Gilgramene (from my previous thread) bearing down upon the three (ah yes, I added Grigori… how peculiar); unfortunately for me, Gilgramene’s model-that kraken from Turok-is simply fucking massive. So I tried making a hydralisk attacking them. Again problems ensued because, to me, hydralisks are damn complicated to pose. In the end I resorted to a zerg rush.

People who are familiar with my previous pictures will know that I do not normally do muzzle flash editing (in fact I believe this is my first time editing them in) so don’t be surprised if they’re not that great. Anyhow…

If you can tell me what the quote(s) are from: good job. If not; too bad, so sad.

Comments welcomed.

Normal methods:


Edit w/ lamps:


This is insane. I love it.

It’s kinda hard to see the zerglings. If someone who didn’t know of them saw this they probably wouldn’t know what this was.

Other then that, it’s nice

i don’t like the colour overlay and you really could’ve gone the extra mile to fix the lighting on the m16. zerglings are a bit of a mash, it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on.

not up to your usual standards, although the posing looks good.

Thats some sexy poses but the lighting makes it difficult to see


Not as good as it could of been, but the colour overlay is a lil strong I think.

nice pic

although everyone is right color is odd

still you deserve arty’s

The contrast and overlay work and whatever else you did to ruin this picture is horrible. It actually hurts my eyes a little bit.

Usually I complain that your pictures are too washed out and under-contrasted… can you not do something in-between the two? It’s impossible to make out any detail, or even where one object or character ceases and another begins.

Considering your work before this, I find it remarkable that you thought this picture was in anyway decent enough to enter into that competition, or enough to make a thread for it.

I take my chances.

The whole thing is sadly brutally overcontrasted. You can see it on the zergling phong even.
Not really a fan compared to your robot ones.

The AA seems to be low? I mean, look at Bill!

It’s the contrast, Combine.

I understand people’s perspective, and I will take the time to consider alternate methods of editing. In this case, I think a major part of my mistake was using a yellow lamp. The lamp provided it the color it is now and obviously showed more of the model detail. That coupled with my semi-typical editing got the outcome that I got.

I did do a picture without the lamp use, but I chose not to use it because it was too much like my other work and wanted to see something new and what others thought. The OP has been edited to show both. I’m not sure how much better it is but (seeing as it’s my usual stuff [which means AA issues on/and white skies), but hopefully heals some wounds.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate all.

Bills hand clips the M16

Ben, you never added me :saddowns:

Did it now so I won’t forget anymore. :slight_smile:


First comes smiles…

…then lies.

“Heh heh heh he HAHAHAHAHAHA!”


Quick question, what’s that quote from? It sounds familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. Is it from one of the Dark Tower books?