first comix evr

i made this comics in gmod and its my best creation plz rate

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I can’t understand a damn thing.

k ill explain,
1st. the ct is playin a game of css n he finds a hostie
2nd. he sees dat the hosie is standing in a pile of guns and bodies like nothing is wrong
3rd. he points at teh hostie and says wtf u doin and the hostie says hes waiting (cuz hes stupid)
4th. the ct gets mad cuz hosties on css are so dumb and dont use all teh guns around dem
5th. he makes da hostie get on his knees and thinks about shoot him
6th. teh hostie has explosive shit from fear and shits on the cts pants which can only be dry cleaned so the ct shoots the hostie out of rage.
7th. The Counter-Terrorist stomps viciously on the deceased hostage’s small testicles in order to quell his escalating rage.
8th. ct regrets nothing.

oh almost forgot
9th. “the end” is written in t corpses and the arctic guys are getting shat on

So glad I spent a few minutes to read this.
I don’t know what I wasn’t informed by the title.

best comic 10/10

you read slowly
and second sentence makes no sense
also you’re dumb

Das war einfach Scheisse, entschuldigen Sie meine Sprache.

I do read slowly.
The second sentence makes quite a deal of sense.
I’m done responding.

proven dumb.

that writing is too small to read and this is my thread.
stop trolling

a+ would read again

ty good sir

Just my regular saying… “Humanity never fails me…”

But if this is intentionally made…this “awesome” then i didn’t say anything. :smiley:

Wow I haven’t seen a strider blood emitter in a long damn time

It’s actually explosive diarrhea

adventures of the civil rights man is funny

yours is not funny

This is a srs comic, plz gtfo if you are going to troll