First contact, flying, aimbot, official server admins and the usual swearing

Hello all,

First off. I like the concept of the game. Definitely way better thought out and mature than DayZ and insanely fun to play.

I went to the first steps as most did, finding myself killed, some racism and sexual comments on the chat and threads. Seems like everyday life. I don’t see the problem on these regards.

I do however have some issues with the cheating. I see superman deamontool flying around on german dev 1, on belgium there is MNK killing people from 300 feet with insta headshots before even being seen, jumping mountains up and down like they are little hills and he has a jetpack.

It would seem to me that these official servers should be a bit more stricter in banning these kind of users. I literally have to stop playing from time to time just because even leaving my house is a direct headshot from mr. aimbot.

Next I wonder about the administration of these “Official servers”. Lose from the fact that a lot of servers have issues with placing foundations (either wood or metal). We have the occasional admins using the console to chat, giving free items, helping teammates with their power (belgium admin seems to be playing normally btw. good work).

I know that the team behind rust is probably working hard on the game, I do feel however that some overview over these activities should be done.

Being killed and raided over and over, sweaing and even a little racism I can live with. That is the game, that are the people. I think anyone getting offended over that should reflect on their own ability to cope with comments from random strangers.

But there is just no beating superman with a building so high you can’t even see the top and aimbot maniac running around looting your stuff which you just can’t possibility beat. At least the " Official" note should be removed.

Just my two cents.

Cheers biodoom

They got a thread for these kind of posts. Im sure the hackers will be caught by VAC in the future as well so dont worry

Don’t play on “official servers” period, at least until the game is released.

In the mean time, only play on community servers with good communities and staff.

Thank you for pointing this out Danifer, I did not know. Is there also a place to report admins in that case?

Good tip Orbit, I will probably do that than or setup a server of myself.

Hmmm i think you might be able to PM Garry with enough evidence but other then that i think you just post on the thread about hackers and i think the mods/devs or what ever will look into it that or just leave it to cheatpunch and VAC.

I will keep it in mind. Thank you again for the advise Danifer. See you in game.

You can always shift+tab in the game and open steam interface. Then click View All Players -> look for the cheating user. Click his profile and use the report fuction. This will make it easier for VAC admins.

cant understand why they dont pay someone $8 an hr to admin each official server…

Before I comment too much, I want to clarify, report admins for what excactly? And I presume you are speaking of hosted servers, I have never seen an admin on “Official” servers.

Find a good community or modded server with good/fair admins. The game is much better on servers with active admins, believe me.

@Spoink, I will do so. Thank you.

@bricktown, First off all there are enough people who would love to be an administrator for free. Than again, you do not need to pay or ask anyone. The only thing you could do is remove these servers from the Official server list which will be plenty to motivate them a little in my opinion.

@lewyk13, I am quiet new to the community so I might mix up some things, but I am talking about the “Official” tab in the server selection of Rust.

@Shavasku, I agree and will look for one. I also got my own server up and running since today. Will see how that goes.