First day of the Infection, July 7th, 2015

Took me 45 minutes to complete.
I felt like using gm_bigcity for something so i decided to add in a lot more props, grass, rubble, weapons, dead soldiers, dead civilians, etc.
Basically based on zombie/apocalypse stuff.


Not sure if i wanted to upload this one, but it only was meant to show some dead civilians.

None of the foliage in the foreground fits with the city in the background.

bigcity is a bad map, don’t use it

Imo, it’s an okay map if you know how to do some awesome scenebuilding and set up a good angle.
But yeah, I’d agree that starting from scratch is usally better.

The edges of the buildings in bigcity are way to sharp and the textures get repetitive. Don’s use 90% of the time.

Yeah, but do you know any other city maps i can use that are well-made and good for posing?

Sorry, pretty much all city maps are garbage. The first picture isn’t all that bad and the dead civilian pic is rather poignant.