First deploy animation Lua code?

Title says it all, it’s that simple. Thanks.

This isn’t a “make me” forum.

Besides, you haven’t provided any useful info of what you want, like the activity to use.

I got a gun which includes first-deploy animation but don’t know the specific code for my base to execute it. Not hard at all, could probably find out by searching on FA:S II Lua code but I feel too lazy.

Then quit bothering us and do it when you don’t feel lazy. If you’re lazy don’t host a server, don’t try to run a community and certainly don’t try to develop something.

That’s not helpful at all. Try harder.

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Thanks, will let her know. Oh wait, I won’t, I’m lazy

I guess I’ll have to download huge FA:S II content and look into all that strange code for hours. But I don’t care, all you can do is to delay me but not stopping me from what I wanna do. Now suck my dick you motherfucking niggers.

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Why post?

yes everyone who lives on facepunch knows this. if you read all the posts you will notice that noone actually said “sure ill help you” plus the guy was being a dick

I would help you, but I’m too lazy.