First ever gmod background

I haven’t played gmod a whole lot, and decided to try making a background.

This is the result.

Hike up your graphics, please. Work on your posing and face posing.

I thought the graphics looked a bit funny. I’ll try working on that, thanks for the suggestion

Wheres half of Gman’s other arm?

Its there. The lighting made it look gone.

This is terrible, how can you even remotely think this was worth posting? You must have the mind of a 12 year-old child.

The posing is just terrible, jeez. Did you even read the sticky? Take your frickin’ time and don’t post 10 minute absolute garbage like this. I’m sick of all of you little pricks.


(User was banned for this post ("Flaming (last chance)" - Uberslug))

Zerax what are you doing that is my job

Sorry, just a bit ticked off today. I would tell all my problems, but who cares right?

You can message your creepy uncle Lebowski on steam.
I double as a psychiatrist.

Fuck that bro, takes me 40 minutes to log in :v:


Please turn up the graphics
And work on your posing
And faceposing.

I wasnt expecting quite the flame like this, just looking for suggestions. Sorry guys, im a bit new.

This isn’t flaming.


You just don’t like it when we tell you that you made something that’s bad.

It’s true.
It’s pretty awful.

If I was to give you a serious and LONG description of what you’ve done wrong in this sort of picture, some REAL criticism.

I’d have written a book.

This quality isn’t really acceptable, and nay, this is not flaming, this is criticism.

Posing is horrible in general, I don’t know what you were getting at. You have poor prop selection (I can see the floating ropes on those three bombs), you’re mixing tf2 + hl2 which is absolutely no good whatsoever, your graphics are horrid and you’ve chosen an ugly map and you never turned bloom off.

Your faceposing is also detestable.

It also doesn’t help the fact that you made a background, because backgrounds are pretty fucking useless and tend to clutter up badly.

Try this background

Zoom in with camera, add some effects, some blur, and you get something nice

“wah, wah someone did bad things to me today and now I’ll flame on others because I’m a douchefag :saddowns:”

You’re worse than aspergers people who think they can do what they want because they have aspergers.

i’m not sure that the lighting will take off someone’s entire forearm.

and water reflections are strange

Yucky :frowning:

I think it’s OK, maybe just turn up graphics, and make GMan look more like he’s running. Also, maybe actually make the missiles face towards GMan, they look a little weird pointing in random directions.

This is facepunch, you’re lucky they aren’t eating you alive…

No, really, normally they eat people alive like two lesbians infront of a videocamera, just not as pleasant.

No offence, but, this pose is terrible, it’s nothing against you, my first pose was terrible too, look at what others do here, and never post an image untill it looks about as good as theirs. Or, well, atleast theirs-ish, once you’ve developed a basic tecnique, you might wanna get some advice on how to improve.