First ever stopmotion video, continue at your own safety

Right, so since my previous video didn’t go so-well with the facepunch community, I figured I may as well try again.
Here it is!

Just a note, this is my first ever stop-motion video.
I am unexperienced with my video-editing software, so this is as good as your going to get until my next video.
(it won’t be this bad.)

Constructive critisism and tips appreciated greatly!

I have no idea what I just saw

You saw a poorly made, first-time video by a person that actually appreciates constructive critisism and tips.

It needs a lot of work man, it’s not very good.

Unless really choppy footage with hardly any visible fluid motion is your style then you need WAY more frames. Anything below 30 frames for every second of footage and you’re gonna notice each individual frame.

Well, it was…short, confusing and generally lacked any sort of context.

Honestly, this was mostly just a ‘throw it all at the wall and see what sticks’ kind of thing. Trust me, the next video I put on facepunch will have lots, and I mean LOTS of fixes to the problems seen in this video.

Agreed. I’ll do everything in my power to make every video of mine, as smooth and enjoyable as humanly possible.

You also had a steam message in one of the slides.

I have already been notified of that…remember, in the description of the video I said that these pictures were from a year ago, and it would be a pain having to remake it. I promise I will set my status to offline when making videos.

Holly mamma… I would like this, if i where high…

First of all, when making something “stop motion” in a program like SFM (which is stop motion using 3D models instead of clay/plastic figures), you don’t really have an excuse to make it ultra choppy like that.

Secondly, what the hell was going on?

Be honest. What did you really expect people to think of this?

I couldn’t even focus on the video, I had to watch it twice to understand what was going on.

Holy shi–is he using Windows XP?

Feels like mine. Funny, a bit, but also very choppy.

This was 20 frames long and extended to about 200 frames. I’m guessing you are using Windows Movie maker. Well tips:

  1. Buy Sony Vegas
  2. Take more pictures
  3. watch more general stop motion tutorials
  4. dont post this and feel confident, this is actually cringey.

Yes, I am using windows XP. ujelly?

Sorry if this won’t sound like constructive criticism, but maybe you should put effort into practicing? I mean the description in the video is self-explanatory.

Feels kind of unnerving and unmotivating when people give nothing but constructive critisism/critisism and nothing like commenting about the good parts. Agreed, this video was a smoldering pile of feces, but seriously.

You don’t get anywhere with simply praise
If you know whats wrong with it, you can fix it

Yeah it’ll sound unmotivating but giving it a go will be worthwhile. My point would be, why not improvement in areas like the camera view and it being less choppy and using a different video editor on a different operating system that isn’t more than 10 years old?

You’ll be shit at it first, but we all started somewhere.

Nor do you get praise when there’s nothing to praise.

First things first, practice with static poses and get those down pat before trying to do anything motion-related. Learn lighting, angles and, again, posing. Post those in the “want to make a picture but don’t want to make a thread” thread, get criticism, improve, and get that down to a science.

Then and only then, practice with the motion stuff. Before you publish anything, make sure it’s got a point and some kind of structure.

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