First Experiences in Rust

Post your first experience in rust, whether it be your first gunfight, the first hour, or the general playthrough of your first session before a wipe.

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Rust veteran here.

My first experience in rust was being spawned in a dark radtown with some flaming barrels and a pistol and a hatchet and realizing how boring the fucking game was.

My second first experience with what we now know as “Legacy Rust” was learning the map of Rust Island and later, sitting apprehensively in my dark shack in the middle of night as a guy was hacking away at my door with his hatchet. Unbeknowest to him I had looted a P250 from the nearby radtown earlier and had my pistol trained on that door.
The moment I heard that horrifying “crack” sound, I sprayed all 8 of my bullets into the darkness.
And I won.

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My third first experience with modern rust was terrible.
Animals are hard to find, the framerate has really tanked from Legacy, and it’s impossible to get a sleeping bag down because there are barely enough hemp and animals to get cloth from. If you do manage to get enough cloth you’re usually killed before you can craft and lay down the sleeping bag. I’ve built weapons and bases but all that matters little without a staging area that you can respawn at. To this day I still have not crafted a sleeping bag so I guess I’m going to go back into Rust-hibernation until the next iteration of Rust. Hopefully it’s not broken.

I spawned in at night to be greeted by a street gang of twelvie’s who chased me while saying less than savoury things in voice along with “we’re going to kill you” type things. I spotted a town in the distance and hoped it would provide me with somewhere to hide until they got bored, so I headed there. I died; radiation poisoning.

I knew from that moment that this raw and seemingly hostile game was something I would get addicted to.

Also a rust veteran here; played back in the Legacy days.
Unbelievable how far rust has progressed over the past few years.

Earliest memories of rust are being chased by Red bears whilst harvesting wood piles :slight_smile:

Oh the nostalgia!

legacy was my first experience, little after they got rid of the help text over the woodpiles.

so, dead to wolf. dead to bear. dead to KOS with kevlar. finally find a rad site, loot the box and dead to radiation while running away with said loot. meet nice person who is logging off, who builds me a house with a metal door, and gives me a hatchet and some armour. build a wooden hut away from the new house. learn that wooden huts can be broken, as can wooden doors. piss myself in the corner crying.

eventually learn how to play legacy, and find that like an abusive spouse, no matter how much it beats you up, you still love it:)

i started in the old Rust in the middle of nowhere…hit a tree with a rock ran to the next tree…no houses, no rocks, no nothing…i thought this must be the most boring game ever…

no map! the challenge was to remember where your house is…quit Rust for a year or so…

came back a few weeks ago…seeing a horse thinking “WTF!!!”

Took over a decaying base (legacy)… When I came back on the next day I had been walled in a 1x2 with all my stuff and had to start over, lol.

My first experience was in a random modded server last year, i spawned with a hatchet and red bears were chasing me and killed me in a radtown.

my first proper experience of vanilla i found an ak and some other crap in an airdrop and killed a couple of guys that just came out of a base, they left their door open as i killed them and got to all their loot, i dropped like 1000 hqm because i thought bullets were more valuable. interesting game i thought, so i kept playing.

I bought Rust Legacy about 6 days after it had been released on Steam. I have yet to have an experience quite like my first time in the game. I joined a pretty high population server (at least 120 ppl) and I just remember the constant, oppressive terror and paranoia. It was fucking awesome. No single player game (or multiplayer for that matter) has yet to give me the experience of cowering in a corner hoping to god my small shack with a campfire would keep me alive overnight while I heard nakeds in every direction around me who were other people determined to eat me or worse.

I remember another of my early experiences in the second version of Rust was running into a random guy and becoming his roommate.