First Forum post in a new world. Rust

Im new to this whole forum world so i thought i make a ass out of my self by making a random thing to learn how its done so remove ban me or what ever yall do i had to learn the hard way to understand your world. also i have dyslexia so my spelling is shit so make fun of it if you must :smiley:

I don’t know any more all i hope is that one day i get luck as Fuck and get one of them keys every one keeps crying over or hacking lol i saw franky play so i went here to learn how to earn and so far its scary what i have read.

That’s one way to make an entrance.

Maybe not the smartest way, but it’s a way.

thanks :smiley: had to learn lol

Sorry man but please read the sticky! It says not to make introductory posts.

ive seen you in multiple threads today