First fragmovie done - With bow or less equipment.

First time I am using adobe premiere - so any feedback is Welcome!

Cleared out HD space with just some basic clips I found

I do giveaways often, i have given away over 10 keys so far for Rust to support the development team.

We’rent you the guy advertising your channel, by giving away “rust keys” to people who have subscribed to you?

Yea, I gave away alot more keys then I promised. I wanted to give away a couple keys for Hearthstone too so i posted in General gaming section of forums but it wasnt very appreciated. :eng101:

I think this video demonstrates how weak the gun mechanics are.

Insane skills, nice music. Well done, sir!

Next video, I will be using guns in some clips and I will prove you wrong.

No, it demonstrates how absolutely terrible some players are. Also, notice the jerking motion he does? He’s just changing his heading slightly whilst sprinting which causes a strafing-like effect, which makes him harder to hit. It’s not the fault of gun mechanics that those players weren’t killing him.

Thank you :suicide:

all i think is that u shouldn’t be making alts considering that’s not allowed on the forum

Whats the whole point of a frag movie? " look at my skills killing these guyz!!!"

I enjoy making these kind of movies. What is the point of you typing? Because you can.

No skills to be seen here.
Only thing you do is spin your mouse so people miss, and then you get your chance to kill.


Just beautiful you know

Thanks mang :wink: