First full stopmotion Garry's Mod Video. Whada think?

Spent about 3 days on this: 1 and half days shooting and a day and a half editing.
Lip Sync isn’t that great.

wow great content the internet needs more of this that 3 days was well spent

B for effort

It’s decentish for a first try, but the animation is really unnatural / rushed, and the video in general is just “lul randumb xP”

I’d recommend putting more time into your projects, but you have promise.

“to be continued”

pls dont

3 days work, for this? Really?

I make stuff like this:

In less than a day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop-motion takes time, I know, but if you’re going to spend one and a half days EDITING, you should be producing someone of a much higher quality.

And before you say “oh u haz no skilz dat wus animuton”, then watch this, it was also made in a day:

Posting your own work and going “Look how great this is” is pretty egotistical imho.

Were those supposed to be like, deep and thought invoking?
I just got confused and cringed a little. Animation is decent but I don’t understand what’s going on.

why do you always use the exact same two fonts in every single thing you make

That’s the only font that exists in the wonderful world of Ted.


Mate, I’m not trying to sound like a prick. But you look extremely, extremely like an egotistical douchebag. Especially seeing as those videos have no stop motion in them whatsoever. In the first one you just did shit on Kinect and used it in a video, and the second one was just a bunch of camera shots and moving limbs with a physgun. Don’t try and critique things that you haven’t done yourself.

um how did he do it in kinect if the video was released 3 months before kinect testing even begun??

Because you can clearly see that he did that. Look at the way the character moves, exactly the same as the Kinect one. He even said he used it. World of Ted - Custom Animation test (Garrysmod + Kinect)