First Gmod Movie

I compiled some clips that I recorded today with fraps 1.9d. Quality isn’t too good but I think it’s kind of funny.

You guy’s have most likely seen much better but what the hell… Here it is !

Was stupid, but at least you didn’t have any UI issues whatsoever, which is a plus for ANY filmmakers on-the-rise. cl_drawhud is god if you’re not using cinematic cameras :slight_smile:

Good job, but focus more on direction. Wasn’t funny.

Yeah I’m going to attempt to make something with more sense this time. Thanks for the drawhud tip I’ll use that next time.


It was so un-funny it was slightly funny.

Might not look like it, but the video looks creative (for a first) and shows the great effort you’ve put into it. Good job.


Soup by Can (The greatest band of all time)

Listen to Tago Mago to start and you’ll see why. They recorded it in 1972 I believe.


Wow! I’m surprised you liked it…I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not… I should have put more effort into it, if anything there was too little effort I guess. I will make better videos but for this one, I appreciate the good comment.