First Gmod Video...WAHH CRY SOME MORE BABIES [Criticism appreciated]

This is a short test video I made to see how well the quality comes out and everything. This is not in my opinion very good…but its decent. I do want criticism but please don’t be too harsh. And if you like it, GOOD! I’m doing my job…Just keep in mind this is not the best I can do…This only took me like 4 minutes to make.


Why are you posting a test video here? I think you can perfectly see for yourself how good or bad the quality is.

It’s already been done and better by DasBoSchitt or something

any video with the heavy and babies gets alot of views.

Look at the view count of my videos and the dates. Im getting about 100hits a day for the first one and about 50 for the second.

I think I got half my subscribers just from the first video IMO. So these videos have helped me alot, youtube wise.

So good luck.