First helicopter (Kinda)

I wanted to make a helicopter and so i did. It’s one of those mini helicopters. It’s not based of anything i just made it up. It’s got around 80 props which i know is way to much for something this size, But i still think that it’s somewhat post worthy.

The reason i made it was because i made a mouse controlled helicopter base that i liked playing around with in singleplayer. Obviously it would be cooler if it actually looked like a helicopter. So i started adding things like target markers and other basic stuff like a camera controller. Also the first time i used an e2 to find targets and it took me some time to get it working.

What i like about is that it’s so easy to control. Move your mouse to the left, The helicopter yaws and rolls to the left. Like, You don’t have to control them both separately, Although you can roll it with the A and D keys. To aim and pitch the helicopter you just move the mouse up and down. So instead of focusing on a bunch of controls you just use your mouse. I made it since i saw sestze had one that handled like this and it was awesome. His is this better though.

Enough text:
3 of the cameramodes. Those are manhacks by the way if you can’t see from the horrible screenshots.

Looks nicely and fun to ride.


Don’t disagree me :<

Simple has it’s times too.

Nice Job. Good job with the wiring form the pics.

The body looks nice but the cockpit is kinda square! the rotorblades looks fat and heavy and you need some other material with colours!

But for a first heli i say you’re on the right track!

Your first helicopter is amazing

I totally forgot about the tiny phx plates. I used regular ones. I’ll fix it.

cool! working on one too. did u use adv. hud? and what is your flight method? is it all e2?

Cool heli, tail seems a bit stubby tho

I wanted it to be all e2 but i couldn’t get it all to work that way. Air resistance and stabilization is e2 while steering is thrusters and eyepod.

I did use adv. hud for the crosshair and target markers.
I simply made a ranger using e2 to see where the gun in the front was hitting and then used those cords for the crosshair, So it would be accurate at all camera angles and stuff.

For the target markers i used the find functions in e2 to make it work like a target finder sort of. Then outputted the first 3 values. Could have made more but My 1x1 phx plate base was running out of space to put stuff on :v:

how do you do the air resistance and stabilization? but for the adv hud do you just input a vector and it show up at that area?

applyForce. And yes, I check the “vector inputs” checkbox on the adv hud indicator and just output a vector from the e2 and wire it to that. Because the indicators are bugged they won’t stop indicating when A is 0 but then they just go to 0,0,0 so it’s no big deal.

cool. know any tuts on air resistance?

good job.

how do you set up multiple adv. huds for the targets?

I made my e2 output 3 targets and wired the hud indicators their positions.

You could juse use a regular target finder too but i wanted to try using e2’s find functions.

That is a pretty epic hud you have there

I’m not being a git, but is there a possibility you can put on

No. I got some of my stabilization code from a guy on a server.
I don’t own all of it so i can’t give it out.

Looks a little chunky to me.

The blades are slightly a bit FAY:cawg::wookie:


:gay:FAT I mean:gay: