First Impression Sucks!

Tribal Rose comics:

Well here’s a new comic made by me!

Thanks to Aliasless for spell checking.

Big picture for extra seriousness.

And now for the comic that isn’t that big:

Comment and rate and all the stuff you want!

I love it. The kid’s face on the last panel is priceless!

Hah… That was kinda nice.

That’s what happen as well with my cousin, he still doesn’t want to talk about it.

HAHAHAHA. Oh man that is awesome. :smiley:


That was amazing.

That was… EPIC.
Kids face last panel: Priceless.

Oh Dear God.

Sweet Jesus.

I’m hesitant to play as Pyro now.

Damn man, that was gruesome.

But it was funny none the less.

It was so pretty…

What sort of old man in a suit waves to a little kid after selling him a game?!


I started laughing my ass off as soon as he set the Scout on fire

Half-life 2 = $60

Garry’s Mod = $10

Last panel = Priceless

Life takes Visa


oh my god that made my day.


lol that was hilarious, the pyro is best!

I loved the expression at the end… lol, poor scout.

The comments made me laugh actually. Haha! thanks.


I actually laughed really hard at the last panel, a comic hasn’t made me do that in a looong time.

I started smiling at the part where the business man waved at him and by the end of it I was laughing. Fine piece of work.