First Impression Suggestions

Howdy all! I just wanted to post this to give my opinion and impression on how the game is currently and what I think should change.

First off, the positives:

The gathering system is awesome and very balanced. Sometimes finding rocks is a bit of a hassle, but it does make it a fun challenge to gather whilst scouring the island. Proximity voice chat is awesome, as you can pretty well steer clear of a lot of annoying chatter and just listen in on that which could relate to you.

On a negative note, the initial spawning in this game is generally horrendous. I, as well as about 20 which followed, spawned with a guy pointing a gun at my face, saying “Leave now or get shot!”… This nearly made me rage quit, as I was still loading the world and immediately died. If the spawning was changed so it is impossible to spawn within 200 meters or so, that would save a huge amount of stress, even if new players don’t actually lose a thing. Another thing is the ease of gun access. I have read that this will change, and I, as well as many others are crossing our fingers. The amount of times I have been shot with over-powered streakers with M4s is by far over 9000. But hey, it’s a survival game and these things happen.

Anyways, I hope these suggestions are at least considered.
Thanks a ton for an awesome game!

P.S. Please for the love of god don’t tell me to play the game for a month to learn it like the ‘pros’… I will stab a kitten.