First Impressions and First Concerns

I’ve only been playing 2 days and this is what my immediate thoughts and problems were from a gameplay standpoint:

Map needs to be larger and more resource spawning. Just simply isn’t enough room for every one. I’m shoved next to maniacs with semi-auto weapons who kill me on sight. My rock isn’t going to pose any threat to them.
More vegetation/props. Not enough cover to hide from those maniacs. Not like I can go prone in the grass. Low draw distance for these objects makes me a target from a couple hundred yards away.
A server wipe is suggested given that there was a duping exploit, a wall glitch allowing along with a wall destroying bug (a lot of established settlements have now been ruined and abandoned) have benefited only a few, and established people monopolizing the small areas available. If you’re working on start-game materials now, devs, you may wanna do this anyway to test the balance of these changes.
A slightly higher timer before shanty shacks disappear. I’ve logged back on twice now in the same day to find my shack gone before I could finish one regular wood room.
You need 20 cloth just for a sleeping bag. That’s about 6 pigs, 4 deer, 3 bears if I can find them before getting gunned down/mauled randomly. 10 cloth would probably be more reasonable.

I expect the game to be hard, but for a solo newb just now coming in… it’s impossible. The above mentions along with NPCs being able to hit me through walls I can’t find even a moment to get anywhere in the game.

it’s rough, but if you find it too rough there’s always the non-pvp server.

the map is actually pretty big, believe it or not. most people just stay around the ‘loot’ spawns and get shot by people with guns, but the map is actually quite big and as far as i know resources do spawn out there. find a map, you’ll see.

shelters are pretty weak. they are easily destroyed.

that’s like three animals, tops, for a sleeping bag. pigs are low end animals so yeah, less cloth. deer are more of your best bet. you can stealth then. bears though? as a naked person that’s a bit rough.

The map is enourmous, the playable area, not so much.
It’s in Alpha, there will be more items added in future updates.
No one wants a server wipe, it destroys all that we have worked for.
20 cloth is about 2 animals if you know where to look. (And if you are lucky).
Getting gunned/mauled? Play PvE then.
I started the game yesterday, I have a shotgun, a P226, a Hatchet, a 4x4 shack with a stair room, a furnace and a crafting bench. + Sleeping Bag. It isn’t so hard, just find people willing to help you. (BadBuck helped me, gave me some food and a pickaxe. Nice guy.) Also, NPC’s can’t attack you through a wall, that’s just you hiding in pre-built structures.

I assure you, I’ve tried these tactics. I already know how to play the game pretty well. It doesn’t change the fact the cards are most certainly stacked and unrelenting rather than just hard for the newly acquainted.

You’re right about resources stretching slightly beyond where most people plot, but they’re mostly radioactive. I wouldn’t call just trees a proper arrangement of resources, would you?

no, i mean really, look at a map

voila. look at all dat land.

you just spawn near road.

it’s rough, but that’s what it is.

Missing the point and stating the obvious. No, I wanna have gun fights, just not every 2 minutes when all I’ve got a is rock/hatchet/arrow and can’t hide. Spawning is limited to a small area. If I wanna go out I starve.

Completely ignoring that it’ll be wiped before release.

Obviously a post by an established player who cares more about their current advantage than making sure it’s a good game.

You want to fight, but don’t want to fight. Then what the heck do you want?
Bring food, also, the unplayable area is full of radiation and make you die instantly.

They’re called tactics. Normally I’d be able to ambush a gun toting person and manage a kill with a hatchet or arrow… but without cover, I’m open all the time. Hide in my shack? So he and his buddies can chop it down quickly? What part of survival don’t you get? I should be able to use such tactics to SURVIVE but they are not available to me. Get it?