First Impressions of Rust Video

My first ever Game in rust …

Thanks for sharing sadaplays. Nice informative video for new and future Rust players.

I thought you got banned from Rust Sada?

Yep my connection is banned , this is old footage from my first ever game.Im still waiting to see if any mod or dev can actually look into why I was banned.Patiently waiting for any feedback…

I made a post about the anti cheat system here -

Nice video, some good advice and tips streamers don’t always mention they just do.

Another great video from you :slight_smile:
Hope you can get back to playing the game again soon :slight_smile:

Thanks man , yeh hopefully I can carry on the series, really sucked to get my connection banned when I didnt do anything wrong :frowning:

get out.

Got to say, you where really lucky during that playthrough.

Yeh haven’t met too many friendly players after that :slight_smile:

Do you have any other videos with you playing rust? I’ve looked through your videos but can’t find one (hate YT new layout)

Just editing one now to upload , but Im banned on rust now so not sure if any future videos to come.

who are you to tell anyone to get out?

let me just give you a dose of your own medicine and say that you too registered a mere month ago, so you have absolutely no merit or credentials to even act remotely elitist because you’re not wet behind the ears yet and you have no reputation

how about you get out, and bring your shitty demeanor with you