First in 1,5 years.


I’ll take that as a compliment.

what exactly is going on?

it looks like some goober killed a child and then hung himself somehow

kid deaded, mom sad, mom deaded because sad.

Can I make a “his revenge is begin” joke?

The kids shadow doesn’t make sense

That’s not the kids shadow…

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Be my guest

the biggest problem with this picture is that i had to ask

the picture should always explain its own events to the viewer

I think the big problem is the lighting makes no sense. The sunset is facing us, but the shadows and primary source of light are behind the camera. It doesn’t match up, and even if you aren’t a lighting freak, subconsciously people will feel something wrong with the image. At least, I did before I figured that much out.

Not to mention the huuuuge empty space here too.

Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that at first glance.
coulda make some artistic comment like they’re walking together again or something

I like the image, and can see the intent.

However, there are some things you may do to make it a little more focused:

  • Crop the image to the right side, that way there is less scroll time involved to actually view it.

  • Try and think through the image, rather than posting the entire thought at once, try showing it as though the mother went through some time of mourning, then considered the final option. Leaving a ragdoll there like that makes it seem as though she killed both the girl and herself.

  • The image is also a bit confusing, it’s difficult to tell what is going on. Perhaps pulling back and revealing a bit more, and walking through the process as mentioned above.

  • Finally, the map choice isn’t the best in my opinion. However, it does fit the overall emotion. Changes that can be made to make it appear more realistic would be to add more foliage, perhaps a boat in the distance, or even wreckage. You may even make this a dream sequence by adding minor effects.

I do like the shadow effect, though I think it can be portrayed better. Your idea is good, but a little tweaking will make it much better.

wife is kill
revenge is begin