"First Infection" Hunter walking down to a city

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I dunno… he kinda has an outline and the low-poly parts of the model stand out on the background quite badly. The lack of a proper light-source is odd too.

Hmm. Isolating fucked up again I guess. :frown:

Yes, it’s been isolated awfully.

Im still getting to grips with isolating too, so I’m no expert on this. But I’d try some way to blend the Hunter and the background together better. Eh, easily said then done. Not much help I know. :frowning:
Good effort, but defo needs some sort of light souce in the background.

bg doesnt fit.

I’m not complaining or anything, but is it really that hard to type out “Background”?

I really have nothing to add that hasn’t been named already, maybe you could redo it? I’d think if you saw the hunter standing on something, it might become easier to get a hold of the scene, if you know what I mean.

I was eating, i had only one hand avaible.

Thanks for critism guys.
Im gonna ask Urbanator shitloads of questions again :keke:

At least you get to ask! :buddy:

I dunno bout that, isolating is not my forte. Appreciated though! :buddy:

I’m always open to questions. :smile:

The background is…odd.

The isolation could have been better.

lighting is nice but not real, the city doesnt really light up the person like that
also like everyone else already stated, the isolation is kind of fucked up at parts

Hey, combine, guess what. It’s generic.

But it looks good nonetheless, except for the isolation. I can’t figure out where the light sources are from.

Looks like the hunter is stretching.

Please stop bumping this

“Now for some extreme parkour!”

King Kong hunter

extremely awkward posing, just looks really weird