First Jeep

Well here is my Jeep. It’s probably the only contraption i’ve ever finished. It has suspension, but its not great, it effects 2 wheels at a time. Its mainly thruster powered since i couldn’t get my wheels strong enough. It’s main disadvantage tho is it’s turning circle…its…big…
Bear in mind it’s my first attempt at a car of any sort


Drivers view:

Don’t use these phx panels, just the tile ones if you really have to.
How is the driver supposed to see where he’s going?

thats not a windscreen, if i put a seat in there it would be looking over the top, i did have a peice of glass on the top but i got rid of it cos it was ugly, and yeah, il bear in mind to use tiles next time

but i suppose i could edit it a bit

Needs a window :v:

needs more… everything |:

like effort :v:

well sorry, i tried as hard as i could, i absoluely suck at building

The more you try, the more you will conquer.

Good job here, but yeah, use the tiles next time. You should also put a material then color the seat. It doesn’t really look good with the rest of the jeep.

yeah i just threw that in there so i could test the view, then i closed gmod

It’s better than my first jeep. :v:

Need’s less original PHX and more Tile PHX.

Also, Easy Precision that shit bro.


/awlcawps lolololol

I think I saw you building this a couple weeks ago. Either that or someone was building one that looked exactly the same.

Either you hacked me and were viewing my screen…or yes, someone built one exactly the same…

I built it in single player

pretty good but the wheels shouldnt be out to the side