First Look Video-Ladders

This should lead to some very creatively secured bases…

are you dev?

how you create radder mesh in rust?

i want to make custome mesh in rust for fun

In order to spawn ladders,you must join the dev channel.

Building blocks to get up is retarded, this fixes that. I think that it should require the cabinet though…

Because raiding wasn’t already over powered with the recent addition of rockets… oh well I’m sure Garry has some counter measures planned for ladders to balance it out just means the games going to suck untill it’s added looks like I won’t be playing for awhile

Counter measures are already there. Ladders cannot be placed over spikes, cannot go around overhangs. It is possible to build a ladder proof base.

Ladders make the twig elevator bases a thing of the past. This was a very effective way to keep a base safe. Now we can’t do that.

Overhangs can be hit with tools while on the ladder, right? Also, barricades are either very easy to destroy (wood) or very expensive to make (metal). Your points are decent, but basically, once you get in the first floor, the whole base is lost now due to ladders.

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Only with metal barricades, I think.