First Map (Dev Test)

The first map I made in Hammer. I might add on and make it so where when you click a button a door opens and you can go underground. But I need to learn to do that. Can one of you help me with Hammer? Also, C&C on maps.


C&C Please

Testing cubemaps too?

Well the skybox is pretty bad, maybe choose from a different one.

Your lighting is bland and doesn’t seem to match up with everything else. The map is very blocky. I guess seeming as its your first map its better than a full bright ugly one. Try adding a lot more detail to it.

@Woodensppon Yes I am testing with cubemaps.
Thanks. Also, I put the download if you want to view it in Hammer.

If you are planning to expand this, make the skybox more…“Happy”. Such as militia_hdr. Add some more lights and play around with some water if you can too.

If I had CS:S I would put that but I don’t. I will get it though but much later. And I was planing to add water if I expanded it.

Download my map, I’m using the cs militia one, hint hint.

I know how it looks like though. It’s very bright I know. That’s why it’s “happy” as WoodenSpoon said. But thanks though.

add “_hdr” to the end of your skybox name in map properties.

No, I meant. I included the skybox materials in my map because it’s an addon.

oh… XD I’m stupid. Sorry. Thank you VERY much. :smiley:


Not really, if he downloads the map, it’s gonna be used in the map as well…

And pakratting is just as easily reversed.

Uh, the militia skybox texture?

Huh? Yes. If I pakratted it he could just extract it. And what’s the point anyways, it’s supposed to be in addon format :v:.

You clearly don’t know what I’m talking about so lets just drop it.
It’s like talking to a wall.


A wall that says random stuff.

Hey uh… Where do you put it cause I don’t have Garry’s Mod. Like in the C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps[SteamUsername] and then where? Cause I want it in Hammer editor.

I know what you meant, you meant why pakrat, because people don’t have css. I don’t blame them.

Oh and, walls can’t speak.

What game?

If it’s ep2 put the whole skybox folder in episode 2/ep2/materials.

Why would you upload this?

Theres nothing to say about it. It’s a basic map.

Not neccessarily crappy, but it’s not like we really have any opinions of it.

I do. It’s a great first map. It was better than mine.