First Map- (gm_untitled for now)

Hello (-waves).

I have recently got into the whole ‘steam thang’ and instantly (okay, not instantly) launched up Source SDK and started playing without tutorials.

Silly me.

I then discovered tutorials… and so yay, I could now make a room. A whole two days later and I have finally made something I am comfortable with. I’m a ‘noob’ per say, and as such it isn’t the best thing you guys have proberly seen. I also have no idea what textures to use and from what game so I have used the dev textures. I also used a ‘binned’ VMF by a member on this forum (sltungle) to help me build from the start. Massive kudos to him (thank you!).

Don’t hate me- I’m new, thus you should help me… not hate ^_^.

ORIGINAL MAP by sltungle:

I could do with constructive criticism if you don’t mind… and maybe some help with what to texture it with. I have all the basic games if its any consolation.

The detail is hell of a lot better than any other first map I’ve seen so far.

Holy shit, that looks great.

You will only get hate if you take other people’s content and claim it as your own.

By the way, where have I seen this architecture before? In the pimpage thread? I have a hard time believing this is your first map, or that it’s yours to begin with.


sltungle made the original VMF (as I stated in my first post). If this is not acceptable I will remove the images and pretend this never existed. However, it was in a VMF dump and as such I assumed it would be okay to use his/hers original idea and extend and build my own map out of it. Without him I would of never been able to understand the Hammer as much as I do now (although I’m still a major noob).

Here is a link to his VMF_dumb download: > and a link to the thread it was posted in:

I have extended, added, changed and re-lit this file to make it my own. If this is not acceptable and isn’t my ‘work’ - I’m sorry. I don’t mean to steal anyones work at all. Again- without him I wouldn’t understand Hammer to the extent I understand it now. So… kudos to him.

That looks like the one from the v4 thread with the red half and the blue half…

A lot like it.

It did remind me of sltungle’s map, but it seems to look a little different although quite similar.

wait, shit.

Ninja’d by the OP


automerge broken :argh:

dual ninja




Well, can you show the parts that you edited?

I added the original image that sltungle made so you can see everything that is different. Please remember that I’m new to the whole Hammer scene.

Itt nobody can read, not even bolded words. The map isn’t his.


YOU SIR ARE A…well…not a god…your a…SUPREME ADMIN OF THE SDK

ITT he edited the credit in later.

I knew it! I’m not an idiot now :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, That’s some simply stunning brushwork, you can tell you were really inspired by his one, I love the slants and edges, it really brings that futuristic look through, I suggest some brighter lighting though…

And If you could actually develop it to the point of adding textures, it could be an incredible map.

Also, as far as I remember, Sltungle released pictures of the map above long before that one you mentioned.

Unless you’re this guy.

I don’t see a problem here. He basically took bits and pieces from the map. He didn’t claim it as his own and gave credit where it was due. He didn’t just come in here claiming it as his map. Plus 3/4 of the content shown in the picture is his work. The slanted lighted walls and stairs are only thing original. I like what you have done so far so keep it up.

i know he’s not claiming he’s made it, but he’s also not really done anything different apart from water added, the vmf copied and pasted and rotated.

Yes but the author dumped it in the VMF dump thread and gave the go ahead to whoever used it, as long as they credited him.

my point is i don’t think it was worth a thread at this stage, with hardly anything he’s done.