First Map im making!!

hey guys quick question on the first map im making. i want a big sandbox map which i will add things afterwards. whats the largest i can make my map without it having any render issues and glitching?

  • Maximum size is a 16 bit integer that means:

The maximum map size is currently set at +/-16384 units starting from the center point of the grid ( 0 / 0 / 0 )
max map size 32768 x 32768 x 32768 units* (x / y / z)

Performance impact depends on many things like for example the complexity of your brushwork, how many props placed in your map, lightmap gridsize and so on.

In beginners language; Try to keep the outside walls of your map (also known as the skybox walls) at least 32 units from the edge of the grid and at least 32 units thick. The space inside those walls, you can play with.

You might be able to get away with lower numbers for those restrictions but I think they’re a good safezone. I personally use 128 units away and 32 units thick but that’s just me.

great. and if i were using sketchup… 1FT = 16 units correct? so the map can be 2048 x 2048 x 2048?


Forget that table. Just say 1 unit = 1 inch. (Seriously, the player eye level is 1.2m above the floor? That must be a dwarf!)

Characters follow a different scale, 12 units to 1 foot

thanks but i quickly gave up on this. lmao