First map in Source 2

This is a recreation of my apartment, the following is a few images of some rooms I have W.I.P. Any feedback would be amazing and welcome. I’ve been working one this for about 4 hours now and I so far have the entire layout done and some of the detailing/texturing done. So far I’m happy with the progress but I’m tired and I feel some feedback will help me along.

Thank you for taking your time to view this I know its pretty eh :slight_smile:
Also Thank you to ChimonaHehe for your informative videos they were a huge help.

Room View 1:

Room View 2:

Upstairs Bathroom:

Short Walkthrough:


I think it’s a little bit monochromatic, need some colors, refinement of materials and some little details to shape the depth of the room. Overall it’s feel realistic and well-made, good base for further modeling. :+1:

Now then, imagine wearing a VR glasses in your apartment playing your apartment, I personally would try this one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I 100% agree, I was planning on making the roof/top material slightly darker as all the white hurts my eyes and it looks a bit sterile. Any suggestions on materials I could use? I couldn’t seem to find one that fit well, I also could have not looked for long enough.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this one, I don’t have Alyx on my new machine and can not search for it, sorry mate. But you should match materials to lighting not otherwise, to better bake them into the environment. :+1:
Good luck, I’m waiting for more updates :heart: