First Map Revival Project

We have all seen them, the ugly boxes with no lighting, stretched textures and lack of all design sense whatsoever. There was a time i was like this, and, on finding my first ever released map, decided to show everyone that all is not lost.

In this series i shall be taking my very first released map and making it playable. At each stage, the vfm and bsp will be available to download from filefront, so even gmod 9 users (hereafter known as freeloaders) can witness the insanity.

But…to show you the work ahead, let me show you some images!

BSP and VMF are available here:

So…before i begin, there are four more things i should say. The first being, if you are unsure of any techniques i have used on this, then so am i. If want to ask questions, shove em up, or contact me via steam (skeeter423).

I should say two more things…
This map includes carving, fitting, off grid vertices, and walls that cannot be jumped over…a problem if it needs to be. Problems have been solved in the worst possible way. By all accounts this is a typical first map…one that should never have been let loose on the people of facepunch.

The last point:
This map was not made by following the video series made by 3kliksphilip. If you want to discuss his methods, or insinuate that his teachings mean that new mappers create abominations such as this, then please don’t. I don’t want him drifting into the thread and messing up the fun. If anyone insinuates that i am his alt, then i will run you over with a Prius shaped like a banana while singing some embarrassing mapping tune.

So…let the games begin.

Go go go!

Oh god that is scary.

Not all first maps were terrible. <:mad:>

I mean, here’s what my first map looked like:

what the fuck?

Also IronPhoenix: You have loaded your map in-game therefore it is playable. :fuckyou:


broke mah automerge

And, for the first image, to show it can be done.

First thing i did was to go to edit > Select All. Then i forced all the textures down to the default size of 0.25x0.25. That got rid of all the fitted textures.

Finished off with adding a nice platform for the spawn zone, turned the ground under the spawn to a displacement, changed a mass of textures and added a light. See…it can be done.

When i say playable, i mean being able to move freely around the level without needing the use of noclip.


I didn’t figure out how to compile my maps before I actually became good at mapping.

I’ll quickly add that vomit bags are available in this locked cabinet. Have fun clawing at the doors trying to get to them.

Protip: You can type in “0” instead of “0.25” and it will default to that anyway. :eng101:

I wish I still had my first VMF. I kind of liked that map, it had a warhouse, a sunset and a ship. It was based off of previews I saw of Far Cry 2.

Goog luck with this project.

My first map was a gm_bigcity kinda thing for L4D…

It was really bad.

Ah, my first map was a horrible reconstruction of gm_construct called portalstruct.

And I will never let an abomination like that reenter the world again.

First map? Some kind of horrible, M.C. Escher-esq representation of my school.

Thank god it was lost in my reformat/computer switch.

Can we re-size walls?

I want to do a bit more on this, so watch out for more updates :slight_smile:

Resizing walls is easy. The awkward point comes when carve was used. In that case, you can either remake the brush, or change the groups to “objects”, then select each brush individually.

You will notice that in the original I have a lot of combine textures. These have been removed. The atmosphere is currently of quite a small clean construction area.

Here goes for the next batch of crazy stuff.

As you can see, i changed the pitch of the light_environment to -90 and did a few other bits like added supports to the conveyor, added a bunker in place of that huge building. The door for that building was about 2-3 times the height of the player :slight_smile:

vmf and bsp for a1 can be found here:

Looking a lot better.

Nice idea. Liking how the map’s allready looking much better.