First Map V2

I revived this thread, because I don’t know what happened to it. All I know is that I’ve been waiting to see more laughably bad or outrageous first maps.

Whether it’s fullbright, blocky, or anything funny; post whatever pictures you can about your map or describe what you recall of it.

You should include what this is about, for anyone unfamiliar. Basically pictures of your first map.

My first map was a Portal 1 map which I don’t have anymore, but I still have my first Half-life 2 map called “prison.bsp”

2006 was a rough time man

2007 wasn’t much better

But I think I got it now.

My first map was Tiny Town, but it looked really different before I remade it from scratch.
It didn’t have 128x128 proportions and it was just bad:[/t]

Not really my first map, but my first map after not using Hammer for a while.

I tried making winding canyons that filled the entire grid.

And needless to say, it didn’t compile.

I think the overhead grid is kinda pretty though.

I forgot about this thread lol, but that terrain doesn’t look that bad :wink: