First Map

Hi, I would like you to download my map and tell me what you think, if you dont like it or if theres somthing I should change plz tell me. It is a small map, but detailed. It took me less then an hour to complete.

Erm all I could see is a room with toilets. Is that what it’s supposed to be?

Oh my god! This is the best map ever! It’s so amazingly detailed and less than an hour to complete-ness.

lol be easy on him guys

EcksBlack, why didn’t you post any screenshots? Many people here on the forums refuse to download a map when they don’t have an inkling of what it will look like.

It’s pretty good for your first map, but don’t use the textures from models, they will get a disgusting rainbow hue. Considering its your first map, 9/10.
For those that need a screenshot, here it is:

Well, this map is…


ive posted this map on other forums none of those people have had this problem and niether have i when i run it i think it might be an isolated problem
also i put another 30 mins into it here it is:
Download here
edit: here’s some sreens:
Screen 1
Screen 2
Hammer Screen

I didn’t get those colours either.

It’s only on some video cards :frowning:

Ah well, its best to think of the broader audience :slight_smile:

In the end it doesn’t really matter if it only happens to me.

Download links aren’t working.

Niiice bump

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