First mapping attempt.

Okay, Hello there users of Facepunch, been browsing this mapping forum for a while now, without a user account. Seeing all the wonderful maps this forum produces has inspired me to purchase The Orange Box and Counter Strike: Source and start mapping for them, here is my first attempt, suggestions, improvements and comments welcome!

UPDATES: Okay, so these updates aren’t major, but I’d still like feedback from you guys on these new screenshots.

The lighting is no way final, just there as a placeholder.

wow thats great :bravo:

Looks better than 99 percent of first maps. Just make it bigger

also, I could be wrong, but it looks like there’s nothing under your displacements, you should fix that to prevent leaks.

Wow, Good responses is what I’m looking for, I was scared because I’ve seen how people are harsh with most people’s first maps(Understandable though).

But, believe it or not this is my first ever go, no tutorials or anything, what could I add to this map?


The displacements are sealed off underneath them with several brushes covered in the nodraw texture, is this the correct method?

Better then gm_constructclone324234234234234 or gm_flatgrassclone32954345093458093458098345
Looks kinda like something i would see at Omaha Beach, or maybe DoD, or some kind of beachfront bunker. Neat, i like it!

yes, that works.

I would add some more of those octagonal things, and make some indoor areas, since at the moment there’s no cover at all.

Srs mapping project. Try adding in some props, or some boxes or something.

Did this just happen, Esrande complimented my map?
Yes, Serious_mapping_project, I’m a serious Person :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do Laserpanda, any tips for an indoor area? (Not attempted one yet)

Maybe a bunker.

the last one is a fallout shelter.

Wow, Okay I’ll attempt something like that, going to have a beach as well, any other suggestions anyone?

(By the way is that a warhammer playing board?)

no, It’s just an educational model someone made according to the website.

Oh right okay, second picture is awesome, I’ll probably try to attempt that on the inside, is a beach a good idea? Plus Come on other people need more suggestions, Laserpanda is doing all the work.

Nice mapping so far. I think you’ll fit in quite nicely here :).

Thankyou MirageKnight, Friendly for you, any suggestions as to how the beach could look, I’m stumped.

I think the map looks great for a first and all, but how did you know to seal a displacement if you’ve never mapped before and didn’t use a tutorial?

He said he’s been browsing the mapping forum for a while.

Called trial and error, I Didn’t have the brushes underneath at first, Went Ingame, was just a clusterfuck. So then I went into 3d view in Hammer, looked underneath the displacement, saw it was transparent from the bottom, so I put some brushes there to see what would happen and behold, it did.


Never saw anything on here about sealing a displacement to be honest.

I didn’t think you could compile with a leak, but cool anyway. I certainly looked at a tutorial or 20 before I was able to make something that would actually work.

Yeh, I assume you can, because it did work, it was just a clusterfuck like I said, no more suggestions people?

Quite nice work, though ridiculously small.