First Meaningful Gmod Video

Title is slightly misleading, not a massively meaningful video, i just wanted to try and make a video like Gmod Idiot Box or Idiots of Garrysmod.

Enjoy :smiley:

Oh god that was awful, horrible posing, gm_construct, flailing ragdolls, and robot chicken style.

i honestly cant pay attintion to a gmod movie when that annoying bright yellow β€œ100” is in the corner

Let me point out a mistake you made while producing the video:

Seriously, do you guys learn? Idiots of Garry’s Mod was funny, but it was also clever! Attaching thrusters and using overused memes like WTFBOOM and the hamster stuff is NOT FUNNY IN GARRYS MOD

what the three posts above me said

This was sad. The only thing remotely funny was the melon scene, but it was horribly executed and way too long.

Hey, shut the fuck up.

On another note, try using

cl_drawhud 0, which will disable the HUD so your video is cleaner
Other than that, work on your posing and get better camera angles.