First Person Cop, First person Shot

Here are two first person views of a cop shooting a guy.

Say 1 if you like them. I will continue my posing, and soon will create something great.

Camera is incredibly fisheyed, the posing is horrible, lack of fingerposing, and no one holds a gun like that.


Also horrible map.

I loled.

Eh, not one of my favorites. Posing way is to exaggerated.

I hope that cop knows his thumb is going to get cut to shit.

A metro cop and a nazi? A pistol sending a guy flying back? Horrible posing? The fuck is this?

It was a friggin newbie pose! I’m very new at posing, so please, stop flaming me! Oh and the cop shot 3 times, if you look closely. Sorry if I’m new at posing and you give a damned if I dont get it perfect on my first try!

That’s not how you hold a pistol… also the metrocop looks stretched.

And you wouldn’t fly away if you were shot with a pistol bullet.

Did you even read what I just said?!

Yes, yes I did. Then I posted.

Why did you post something that was exactly like everyone else said, even though I said that?

Chill out, just pointing out some stuff so when you do your next screenshot, you wont do the same thing.

Okay, i’m sorry. I’m on my old computer that can’t play any games because it uses the $hitty ubuntu, and my windows broke. I cant play garrys mod.

It’s not flaming, it’s Criticism. Yes, some of the people may be going " shit stuff bro" or somthing, but in the end they’re right.

No offense but this horrible.

Go back to prop art, you are much better at it. Posing is not your thing.


Prop Art doesnt exist.
Its Stacker spam.

Combine = Pushpin

Creative People = Balloon

Nice encouragement.

You REALLY need to improve your posing.