First Person Death addon: trouble

Well, I have downloaded the ‘First Person Death’ Addon from and it doesn’t work. I have tried taking the file out of my addon folder and just placing it in autorun, but It still doesn’t work. I am NOT running death fix. I have a legit garrysmod, and have installed the most recent updates. Maybe the updates are causing trouble?? Either way, this is driving me crazy! I have checked over the code myself and have not seen any problems. Maybe someone can help me? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Link me to your Steam profile, I don’t believe you have bought Garry’s Mod legitimately. For those ready to rate me Bad Reading: the link doesn’t work.

I realized how to change my custom URL! Haha. I never really customized my profile. Thanks for reminding me man. and YES, click on the link again.