First Person model

Hello, short time lurker, new time poster.

Anyways, onto my problem. Recently I had some errors in my Gmod so i had to re-install. losing everything.

i got, what i thought, was everything back. and then i noticed that my hands are now always gordon freeman’s. when before i had to re-install they where the model i chose’s.

it may seem like a small thing, but it really annoys me… where and how can i fix this?

They are always the HEV gloves.

thats what i thought too, but then i installed something… and they wheren’t… i know it for a fact.

Maybe you installed wrong, what was it?

i don’t know what it was, that is what i’m trying to figure out… maybe it was a css materials replacer… or HL2 deathmatch thing. i don’t know. but i want to find it again >.<


found it…

FAIL, guess this problem was solved