First Person moving arms mod

Hey, i noticed the “Sharpeye”, i tested it, but still, there is a huge problem, yes it’s realistic, but the arms doesn’t move, it looks retard, so please make an Addon that makes the arms go up and down !

Sorry if my english is… weird, i’m french.

It needs custom modeling, if you are talking about First-Person Machinimas, they are made with ragdolls and greenscreen.

If you’re looking for first person walking animations, try this

But it doesn’t work very good, especially because i’m making a machinima (FPS) and it needs to be realistic.

Then you need somekind of editing program with chroma keying so you can make First-Person moving hands. Just use ragdolls and loads of screenshots.
Here is some chroma keying materials for GMOD:

You could ask the creator of this:

chroma keying was used in that video, not an addon…

Lol, you realise he didn’t really make that video trough the eyes of the player?