First Person runing - How to do it?

Hello guys!
Can anyone tell me, how can I do First person runing ? I saw Kitty´s First person project and I dont know, how he did it. It is by green-screen or some programs, like Source SDK or 3dsmax? Im trying it with camera and green-screen. I run only with camera and then i shoot body on greenscreen map. It is right ? Cuz i can´t do it.
If you know, how to do, can you explain me it?
(Sorry for my English, Im Czech)


I think he wants a realistic simulation of first person running like Kitty0706’s GMod parkour videos. You could try SharpEye:

If you want to do it for video’s, yes just record the normal running part in Gmod with a lot of small cuts than do all the body parts (arms,legs etc.) in a greenscreen map. Than you need to animate everything in a program like After Effects, than get all the small scenes and put them together.

I wouldn’t try this if you’ve never done machinima before, it’s really hard and it requires a lot of editing.