First Person

Does anybody know how to do the first person effect used in “first Person Project: The Uprising: Part1”? I almost had it, when I tried it and the ragdoll spazzed and disappeared, and it didn’t work. So I’m turning to the people at Facepunch. So, does anybody know how they did that? If so, please tell me. I am going to make something like Cloverfield, only with the combine and in first person. The character will be one of the only people to survive the combine’s first appearance. So, anyone know how?

I’m not exactly sure, but my guess would be an NPC camera and a whole lot of custom animations. But, I’m not sure thats a guess.

Holy crap, I thought this was going to be that LUA script that just came out this week. Looked very similar, but all of that… That’s gotta be aftereffects and custom animations. I doubt most of that was in-game. If it was, however… Dear God, Mirror’s Edge in Gmod.

Sorry, but bump. I need more answers.

either he used the NPC camera or Dynacam and legs

He uses NPC camera and greenscreen.

I think he just uses normal camera and some good greenscreens.

It’s NPC Camera/normal camera and greenscreen and lots of screenshots. He uses Vegas as his video editing program. No magic tricks, only hard work.

Are you guys sure he isn’t just typing ‘Firstperson’ in console?
Because in HL2 you can, and GMod runs in Hl2.

I’m not sure, though. Haven’t tried it.

It’s not that, i tried it. He used greenscreen clearly, i saw some lines from greenscreen and it’s clearly it. No special addons, maybe only NPC camera and NPC animation tool.

If I was going to do that myself, I’d use the command “thirdperson” and then adjust to see my character’s hands and foot only. But if not, you always have this:

Could anyone help out with my attempts at doing this, though?