First pic. Tell me what you think

This is my first pics. Plz tell me what you think.

Plz post what you think and… yeah, post what you think.

Guess what i think.

Weird angle on the first one, It badly needs fingerposing, it’s boring a bit.
Second is very boring, needs better angle, never use Simple DOF.

Set your graphic settings to highest when taking a screenshot, use jpeg_quality 100,

Interesting scene build being that it is not completed

i was supposed to take a sea pic but it didnt fit in gm construct.

heres more.

Again say what comes natuaruly

I like the the tank one, the first picture only.

Not bad I guess but yeah, turn up your graphics for screenshots.

oh and use the or

tags next time.

thx dude
gonna try doing a better soon, btw is there some ingame mod you can doo better muzzleflashes?

You have to be kidding me.

Gtfo off my internets, please.

Well you wearent the politest either, dumbass.

Why is the tank firing an empty shell casing?

If you stop listening to people because they are not polite here, you will never improve believe me.

Terrible, don’t ever post first time stuff here.

It was supposed too look like it was afireing a shell because dod dosent have any shell model i used the empty.

Beyond the harsh words of criticism is the love of valuable knowledge.

“The piss poor posing needs to be improved. Don’t use fucking simple dof. And turn up you bloody graphic settings”.

What I read is!

“The ---- ---- posing needs to be improved. Don’t use ------- simple dof. And turn up your ------ graphic settings.

That easy:biggrin:

In the first set, tanks wouldn’t being going through a FIELD of TANK TRAPS now would they?