First pose and edit

So yeah first pose and edit with Gimp. What do you guys think?

Not to bad. Although less flare inside a building makes no sense.

Posing looks good. Nice editing too.

Use the IMG code, photobucket has the links on the left, you just click it and paste it here.

Looks better than my first pose, though I don’t completely remember how it looked.

oh so thats how you do that, I will fix it when I get a chance.

Looks great for your first pose- mine sucked truthfully…
If you keep at it, you might be better than some people on here!



That would be the format. Copy - paste.

Pic looks good, up your resolution if you can.

hmmm thats weird I’m prety sure im running gmod with 1920 x 1080.

Then you resized the picture at some point.

I can upload 1 440px × 900px resolution pictures to photobucket without the quality getting raped or the picture being resized.