First Pose 'Ghost Stabbs a Marine'

Oh shit my eyes!

The goggles do nothing!

Looks like he spilled wine on his chest : /

I think my eyes are bleeding… yep, they’re bleeding.

I mean, the pose looks pretty good although the knife should probably be deeper in him.
I editing is kinda rape. I suggest you post the original.

Holy fucking shit, mother fucking filter rape.

I’m not flaming I’m just saying it’s raped. Dayum.

The posing is quite nice. But lay off the filter a bit.
If it is raining make sure the have the atmosphere of rain.
And work on a blood a but, bit too light around the edges.

Thank’s for the feedback people!

How does this look?


I can’t tell, is the guy being stabbed by a moldy sausage?

Just post the original. Your filter rape absolutely ruined it.

You don’t really want to use filters

I think the posing is alright at least!

Dont worry Marine just pull out the knife and throw it in ghost’s eye :smile: