First Pose In 3 Years. Military dudes in the desert.

Well hello once again Screenshots and Movies section, I use to post here alot in the “old days”, well I had to stop because of uni, but, now that Im on vacation, I decided to have some fun with good old gmod 9 and my skins and models database that I had saved since then.

Tell me what you guys think.

I like the second and third pics the best.

Strange choice of desaturation. I looks like the Antarctic.

We have GMod 10 now!


Nice pics btw.

First one looks fucking awesome. Gives me a great sense of the scale.

Yhea I kinda like how in black and grey, the sand will look like ice… also giving a great notion of contrast between whatever is on the sand, and the sand itself.

I took that pic by accident, but when I screened it I loved it for that reason to.

Holy shit you’re back.
I joined fp in '05 and I remember you posing in here.
Nostalgia blast man…

Nice to see that someone remenbers me from the “old days”.:911:

The times when sex poses where banable and the only rating that existed was “friendly”.

Nostaliga blast indeed.