First Pose In Six Years

First off I realize now how underpowered Gimp 2.0 vs Photo Shop CS 5 is, and I am going to download Photoshop now



constructive criticism welcome


You think GIMP is inferior?

Yes, I do

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What does that suppose to me my good sir

I am pretty sure Vman uses GIMP, and he is pretty good with it… if I remember correctly.

I hope you legally obtain a purchasable copy of Photoshop CS5, or we’re going to have some problems.

hahaha oh god.

don’t even bother editing until you can pose.

A huh.

While you can make shit like that with gimp, i can make shit like this in gimp.


Now, you’re posing is god fucking awful, and the editing is terrible, and turn up your graphics.

I love your editing OP, can you give me a tutorial?

Yes i am going to purchase photo shop. I need to do this, because I got a new computer. I am sorry if I offended anybody with my comment of gimp being underpowered, Maybe my Skills are just underpowered with gimp

First of all, the antlion is FUCKING BACKWARDS.

Its called a mule kick.

It’s supposed to be kicking him like a horse would, obviously.

But then again, it still doesn’t make ANY FUCKING SENSE.

second of all, its not an antlion, it’s an ant guard

Oh, derp.

Still makes no sense

Yey! You got what I was going for.

GIMP can be as good as Photoshop, if you know how to use it.

About the picture, the posing its ok, my only complain would be that the AA is quite low, try to up max your graphics.


One question, was the muzzleflash of the rifle cartoony on purpose? I seriously hope so.

Plus there’s shitty bloom, he’s on construct, the muzzleflash is a 30 second PoS, and there’s no faceposing.

And what’s your beef with GIMP?

SDoF + No Anti-Aliasing = Looks like a poor cut n paste.

Turn AA on, trust me, it will look better.

Obviously Aaron is testament to the amazing powers of GIMP.