First Post

So this is my first thread on the forums, I’ve been here for awhile just trying to learn how to do some of the awesome stuff you guys can do and here is what I have been able to come up with so far.

I would love some helpful tips and criticisms. I am especially interested in learning how I would go about making the GI’s mouth look more “involved” with his cigarette.

and here is the original for those who are like me and enjoy seeing the before and after.

This is your fifth post

EDIT: All those effects hurts my eyes

EDIT 2: Oh

Maybe he meant first pose. Also mah eyes.

no he meant first THREAD…not first pose or first post…first THREAD
also:really good

29th ID skins???

Woah, nice.

arrh thomo! you and your avatar!!

Lol. It’s not bad, just the effects, but the cigarette smoke is pretty good.

Posing is pretty decent, actually. It’s just all the sharpening that ruins the picture.

This is pretty good. Sharpening seems to have only raped what was on the left.