first request ever....first post ever.

hey! first post ever on Fp, but have been getting models from it since before the 1800s.

any way, just wanted to put up some suggestions for models to any model makers, if anyone makes them, or already has, shoot em over to me.

[1]. how bout a high quality roman leigonairre?
i bet models could from “grand ages rome” on steam, or a total war title.

[2].characters from the MMo on steam, “rift”. i think those are well made, should make good models.

if these suggestions aren’t do-able then i would just settle for completed versions of AvP 2010 colonial marines. i saw quite a few people searching for those. [if there already out just tell meh]

Just a small tip, you might want to include some reference images of what you want. Also, you should be a bit more specific about what characters you are wanting from Rift since there’s quite a selection there.

understood. i think this is how you link;

if that link works than there ya go.

and as for rift, i was thinking the genaric characters, like guardsmen or non player monsters, for a comic im working on…also i personnaly attempted to mod a dwarf model from that title, but then lost wilst upgrading my pc.

Fixed your image link, you have to go to the image itself - not the page before it. For example, when you google an image, there is a page where you can see the image and a random site behind it. You need to view the image in its full size in order to have the proper link for the image tags.

I’ve got a friend who’s attempting to get all sorts of content from Rift, and what you are wanting is actually a part of what he is attempting to grab from that particular game. He’s currently on vacation until July 4th, so I’ll see if I can provide information on any progress he makes when he returns.

oh,thanks for the fix! ill be checking back every day for info. be posting my own models soon to.