First Scanner

Idea was funny and it was otherwise okay.
Evil combine scientist >:3

I remember seeing this 2 years ago…

Might have something to do with the fact that the video is 2 years old.

Through the first whole minute I was bored, with GMOD people like to see some sort of action or visuals, if it doesn’t have that, I suggest something interesting, your camera effect was decent but it did not otherwise make up for how bored I was. The music went along with the action to some degree. My favorite part was the credits for the somewhat funny visuals and I liked the black and white. The letters moved in okay. Overall I give the movie a 3.0 It did not generally grab my attention.


Talk about the video, Scout. The maker wants to hear some kind of review, not the fact that you seen it before.

Kurit… your a idiot, this was posted 2 years ago, hes just posting this for more views, chances are he dosn’t need a review.
Its like reviewing war of the servers ITS FUCKING POINTLESS its so old they got all the feedback they needed.

My advice is for everyone to ignore kurit.

So I’m not allowed to review it? I am fully aware of its age. If he wants more views why would he not want more reviews? think about it… You are just assuming things, it wont get you anywhere. Who was your first response intended for? The developer or anyone else for that matter can care less weather you’ve seen it or not. A video deserves some real feedback and a review regardless of age. He posted on here and when you post something on here, a review shoud be expected.
With your current argument, he doesn’t need views either. Your logic is hypocritical and only displays how immature you are. Think before you post, Sir. Ever since yesterday you’ve been using analogies out the ass. It doesn’t make you appear smarter.

Let’s see a perfect example of hypocritical and immature logic. Ironically, it comes from you :colbert:

Then stop posting here, go on youtube and start reviewing steinmans videos so all the nice boys and girls here can get a break from you.

These forums are meant for reviews. Stop trying to criticise me for reviewing someones video. Silly how you even try. You dissappointed me with your last post. There was no metaphor. It’s like arguing with Scout not expecting a metaphor!

They are made for posting videos for others to see.
C&C only started being used 3 years ago, pre 07, you could flame or just reply to someones video with
“this sucks, go die”

Not being hypocritical, Max. What i said is exactly how it is, in animation, I enjoy the difficulties of animating characters. When using Gmod, I like a challenge, for other means I can’t always say the same thing. Poor example and a bad reading on your behalf.

Taking the hard way out, especially when the hard way dosn’t even pay off in your case, is a really stupid and illogical move on your part.

Okay, enjoy going through difficulties that will result in poor animation quality.

Meanwhile, while you’re at it, try other methods, and you’ll see they’re also difficult; except the output is nowhere near as bad.

It’s simple Scout. When people post their video, they should always expect a review. When you said they are made for posting videos, reviews are a given. Movies on here should be critiqued. Why are you disagreeing with me on this? On these forums, just about every movie gets a critique, it’s completely natural and simple to understand. I personally would love feedback on my movie to last after 2-3 years of it being up. That is why he posted it, he wants to hear people’s thoughts. I don’t think posting this is necessary but I think you need to be reminded.

You are still trolling Scout. You were then and you still are now.

I miss the days when I argued with Max on his video, he was farely mature and actually had some decent stuff to back his side.

So I can repost all my movies? such as rainy days, and my little shorts!?
Kick ass, getting advice from someone who just joined the forum!

Also stop using quotes i never said.

jesus christ make them stop. =/

Hey man, if he stops talking bull, we wont have to correct him.



Why not? His replies are much more entertaining that his videos, we’re just making up for that

Now there’s your opinion again. Here’s the method that you were recommending was better

“With stop motion, you don’t have easy lipsync, you don’t have a timeline and easy controls, you can’t re-use your animation anywhere you want, it takes a SHITLOAD OF TIME TO MAKE”

I hope you’re not talking about the 3Ds Max method.